Voyager foundation seeks to take humanity’s greatest problems and empower people to collaborate towards solutions and a brighter future. Our method of doing so is to open communication channels between interested volunteers and experts. By creating a pool of human knowledge interconnected by the desire to see a real global impact, we hope to identify worthy causes and support them in their quest and ideas. Using a platform of tools to create communities that can process solutions and meetups, called Booster pods, which are set up to allow the discussion to evolve, and for it to inspire and educate people of the endless possibilities available in the world today.

Where to find us

We are currently organizing Booster Pods in London UK. You can find information about upcoming events on If you want to stay up to date, please join us there.

What next

Besides Booster pods meetups we will run set of different events to spread the world and grow the community. We will slowly reveal our masterplan and invite everyone to join us!