Booster Pods are series of events that brings the most important topics to people and discuss how we can solve them together.

Hack How You Pack: All the ways we’re killing the world everyday - London

Date: 19.07.2018
Venue: Rise London
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Plastics and packaging fill our shelves, lives and now even our oceans. Although many are recyclable, most are simply discarded and not thought about. What happens to our waste? How can we reduce the impact of our daily lives? Is there a better way?

Voyager’s Hack How You Pack: “All the ways we’re killing the world everyday” event aims to bring the answers to these questions and other alternative solutions to the forefront of your mind. From plastic eating bacteria, to no packaging shops Voyager will explore how we can make a difference and protect the world around us from our consumerist ways. Creating a social consciousness of the impact humanity causes, and challenging a panel of experts and initiatives on these subjects to educate, inspire and engage in collaborative action.

Agenda ( to be annouced )
Speakers ( to be annouced )